Leheriya Anarkali

In one of my previous posts I had mentioned how I got a suit made out of one of my old saris. I bought this saree from Nalli’s Delhi long time ago for (1000 rs.) and have worn it to many occasions with silver blouse, white blouse, backless blouse etc.etc and was totally done with it. So thought of getting a nice anarkali made for myself. That I can wear to casual birthday parties etc. so I packed it with my father to be given to my tailor in India along with a nice picture of a suit I wanted him to replicate… my tailor added a very interesting detail, a lehenga style buckram to the bottom of the kurta which makes it really grand when you wear it. It is a long kurta not really floor length but still long enough so it looks like an anarkali and not floor length dress. Again with a collar neck so no need for a dupatta. Collar is the only thing screening for attention. Everything else is this simple anarkali suit.  I don’t have pictures of me wearing it but will try to post some when I wear it next time. Leheriya can make anything look summery and simple yet very elegant and festive. Total cost with fabric 1,500Rs.



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