Utsav Saree

I was not a huge fan of shopping online in my opinion shopping is an experience that satisfies not just the need for dressing oneself for an occasion but really your creative soul too. Therefore ordering this saree online was a very tough decision, any how I needed something for a family wedding in India and there was no way I could have reached Delhi the day of the weeding and have some decent Indian saree or a dress to wear. All my sarees were bought at the time of my wedding; that were worn multiple times for other family occasions. So I logged on to Utsav.com as suggested by one of my friend and ordered this saree for I think 100$ (not sure as this was about 9 years ago). It has been one of the best things I have bought in-person or online in my entire shopping career 😉 I do consider shopping a full-time job sometimes… Not sure if the picture really does any justice but the gold thread work on this carrot pink saree is just amazing it adds sooo much glamour to it…Since that wedding I have worn this saree at least on five different occasions and every time I have received complements…


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