White Sharara

So I found this nice off white net and lace fabric at Joann Fabrics; I am quite certain it is for a wedding dress. Well I loved the fabric a lot it was beautiful and wanted to use it one way or other, so decided to find a tailor who could stitch me a simple sharara pants. Once I found the tailor I went and bought the fabric. we used about three meters as the width was quite good and then for the longest time (2 years) it just stayed in my closet as I could not decide a shirt to go with it, then one day while shopping in Delhi I found this off white net fabric. I already had this dupatta that I picked from Janpath several years ago and had worn it with every skirt as lehenga chunni or on salwar kameez, therefore it was time to expand its utility. Total cost of the dress came out to be around $110 (with fabric and stitching; chunni was about 600rs 6 years ago). Lessons learned for this was that I should have thought of all the pieces before investing on Sharara fabric, it was really expensive, about 90% of the cost.

White Sharara 1


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